Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Troubling new drugs and teens

Nov.10, 2008
CBS, The Doctors

"Troubling new problems with Teens and Drugs"

This is an excerpt from an educational forum put out by some physicians in California.

The Doctors mentioned that people can legally purchase Salvia. Salvia is a drug that is bought at tobacco stores. It has bad LSD laced into the tobacco.Smoking Salvia makes walking a challenge.
Pressure coming from inside of the body makes it difficult to focus.The doctors said that the person smoking feels like an observer of his or her life.The person also feels that he or she cannot do anything important. He or she feels that only a yard around them actually exists.

The doctors said that drug dealers are distributing strawberry meth in a powdered form at schools and a cheese powder mixed with heroin and Tynenol P.M. They said that when kids sometimes take the cheese powder and mix it with alcohol it can be fatal by shutting down the kid's breathing and the kids loose control of theri bodies. At this point some teens have died.

Some doctors mentioned that some teens are pouring alcohol into their bottoms and intestines with beer bongs in oreder to get high quicker. This has a terrible effect on the intestines and it is not wise. It was said that some tenage girls pour vodka on tampons and insert them. This can be harmful too.
Some teens are snorting vodka up their nose.
What is your impression of all of this? Did you know about it and do you find it alarming?


sober white women said...

I saw this on Dr. Phil yesterday. What are these children thinking. Oh thats right they are not thinking!

Bill said...

Just where do these kids get these destructive ideas???
Thanks for making sure we know about this stuff.
Regards, Bill.

marti said...

I never heard of any of this stuff...neither has my resident teen expert Caitlin

erarein63 said...

Hey Natalie...known about this for a little while. You can also get "wet" marijuana which is dipped in formaldehyde. Another problem with heroin is that it can be mixed with fetanyl and induce severe respiratory suppression and quick death. The meth is just crazy these days. Ugh! De ;)