Saturday, December 27, 2008

go see how fat and oil can power your car; My Brain is in Pain Again by Garnett

Go visit Garnett "My Brain is in Pain Again" and check out
"Your Fat Ass Can Fuel your Car".
Garnett has made a study of how fats and oils (even human fat)
can power cars..what do you think?
leave comments for Johnny

Please Visit Joann at Joann's Weight Loss Journey

I just read that Joann of Joann's Weight Loss Journey has experienced
a huge tragedy right in her home town.
Some guy lost it and killed the family including kids and in laws.
Please drop in and wish her well.
Hope you re having a Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Check out Indigo at Scream Quietly. the Ghost of Christmas Past

Check out Indigo's moving piece: Scream Quietly is her blog and the Subject is ;
The Ghost of Christmas Past. It is a very moving story about their Christmas trees
and one tree that stood for so much!
Thank you Indigo!

Chemotherapy:Heligunner Tom voices thoughts, Heli-gunnerTom,http://heli....

go tell Tom what you think about chemotherapy...
interesting entry

Yasmyn, Isnt she great, birthday, blogger

Go by Yasmyn's blog "Isn't She Great?" and wish her a Happy Birthday!:)
uh..ok..I'm alittle late but it's not too late!Yasmyn loves her fans!

Please Visit Sam of http://say

Please visit Sam of:
He has had a stroke and he welcomes our comments for his early recovery.

Check ADB at Atlantic Lines, Soltice News, Stonehenge

Check ADB at Atlantic Lines, Solstice News for Guido's story about celebrating the Solstice at Stonehenge.It is interesting....
Guido has written a well crafted entry with beautiful illustrations
What is your favorite journal decoration so far?

Check out Carly's entry:SuddenlyEllipsis.Who Needs Rockefeller Center

Check out Carly's entry in Suddenly Ellipsis. Who Needs Rockefeller Center.
Carly has written a beautiful story that is moving.
On top of that the pictures of the young people ice skating are truly riveting!
Thanks Carly!

Check Cathy for some Christmas humor! Dare to Think!

Gou and visit Cathy at Dare to Think! Her latest entry demonstrates the best of Christmas humor!
hohoho!Humbug ...:)

Check out Marti's White Elephant Christams Party at Porch Stories

Marti has written about a White Elephant party!:)
What an interesting event!
Would you host one?

take a Look At Jeanette's greetings: a great Christmas entry!

Jeanette has made a lovely Christmas greeting for us all at Outside-Looking in(Jeanette...
so go check it out !:)

Visit Bill at Bears Den

Please visit Bill at Bears Den.
Bill said that we had some trouble at his therapy session...
Please leave some nice thoughts guys!
Plus he writes so well abotu Libby and her holiday spirit!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kelli wins "Honest Scrap" award! Go See!

Kelli of "thoughts of a sober white woman" won the "Honest Scrap" award.
She says it calls her a blogger of great merit. She is then obligated to tell
ten important things about herself that we ought to know.
She picks some very worthwhile bloggers to join her in this award.
Go See!:0
Way to go Kelli!
You are awesome!We love 'ya!

Go See Donna at D's Designs and Other Things

Go visit Donna and leave comments!
She is supposed to go in for surgery today Julia said.
so: Donna. Ds Designs and Other Things
I love you guys!
You really care about other bloggers here!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Jimmy at Jimmy's Journal wants you and me to be more specific!
Happy Hanukkah!I'm looking for the perfect driedel...
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanzaa!
has anyone ever met anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa?
What adventures await you? Please let me know!
please leave messages for the holidays here and at your friends' sites!

I Wonder

Do you ever wonder what happens when your kid suddenly says "For my present, I want us to give toys to the youth shelter"....
huh? ..hmmmmmm....
"You do?" blink....
"Yeah..they don't get much.. when I was volunteering over there , I thought it might be nice...."
"well we do give them supplies , so... okay!"
I wonder what makes kids cause small good things to happen , like this one...

A Contest! Go Visit "A Corgi in Southern California" and Play!

Hiya !
Koda, the corgi of the blog "A Corgi of Southern California" wants you to visit his blog.
I just found out he is giving away a film or a cookie dish!
Just go by and compete!Unfortunately, I jsut read about the contest and it is over tonight at 10 p.m.

Go See Jeanette at "Outside-looking In (Jeanette...

Go see Jeanette at "Outside-looking In(Jeanette...
It would appear that Jeanette's back is hurting badly.
She received a call from her husband that the police were putting a boot
on his car because he parked illegally .... Her husband is a very honest guy...
He told the police that he was a senior and that the sign was very high for him to read .
He said that he did not see the sign... but no... he has to pay a fine which is about $600.00
or most of their energy fund for the winter!Appalling!
I was hoping that she can find a way to find a judge who will appeal this.
Anyway drop by and see here!
She's putting on tea and coffee for you!

Go Visit Jeanette at "Outside-Looking In(Jeanette'...

go and visit Jeanette at "Outside-Looking In(Jeanette"...
Jeanette's back was hurting a lot when she heard from her husband.
The police had put a booty on his car for illegal parking and her husband
told the policeman that he had not seen the sign.
This is in England. The sign was posted rather high!
He was admonished to pay a fine of some thing like $600.00.
They now don't have the money for their winter fuel fund.:(
Personally I hope that a kind judge can reverse this for them...
Anyhow go see Jeanette..she's put tea and coffee on for you....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yasmin, Isn't She Great, bloggers comment

Go by and fill Yasmin with your holiday cheer/ or/ conversely/ tell her
about your reasons for Ba Hum Bug!
She's written an interesting entry about getting ready for the holidays!
Included is a couple of sentences in which she expresses concern about
senior citizens having to choose between food and heating gas! ohmy!
What do you make of that? Can't they have non - profits help them to care for the seniors?

Check out Cathy's entry on ghosts; Dare to Think

Check out Cathy's entry on the existence of ghosts and voice your opinion!
You can comment on how you view time and how much impact we make on the earth
once we have gone as well. It's beautiful ; Cathy has pretty pictures of the universe,etc.

Sam is better! Go see him at GaBoatman

Sam is better guys!:)
Go check out his holday greeting at GaBoatman blog!
:) hugs

Go Visit Laini at The Reel Life"

Go visit Laini at the Reel Life... she is getting tests to find out what is going on with her.
I think she would love it if you would leave supportive comments!

Go See Kate: An Analysis of Life: Interesting entry

I found Kate! Woohoo!:)
Kate writes a very interesting blog about her kids and husband and her interesting life studying at the university and doing archeological digs in England!
Her photography is to die for!
cheers Kate!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belatedly Happy Pearl Harbor Day

I apologize for being late. Every year I'm filled with awe, respect and dread for those brave Navy Seamen who were killed on their ship by the Japanese. May we always hold their memory dear in our hearts and souls.

I Found Fred, Drunk in the Shadows of Reflection

Go visit Fred...He's very friend;y and easy going.
His blog is called "Drunk int he Shadows of Reflection".
Fred wrote on AOL.
He is a good writer who used to write unusual tales on AOL
blog sphere.He has written romantic adventure stories and very funny ones!
I love hearing about his family too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saint Nicolas: The Original Santa

On December 5th, Saint Nicolas will have a birthday.
He was a Bishop in Holland who used to visit families on rooftops with his horses.
He would come and visit the families; relying upon what the parents told him, he would reward good children with dark chocolates of their initials and ginger and almond spice cookies.
He brought two Moors with him. The Moors from Africa had a lot of influence upon Spain at this time. the Moors would put you in this huge bag if you were bad and take you to Africa.
Saint Nicolas made it a point to help all poor families and to bring them necessities .
He wanted to make sure that poor children had a great Christmas.
Do your children like Santa Claus?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bill, Bear's Den

Visit Bill at Bear's Den .
His mother is ill and Bill is on the mend .

Visit Mara at"I Have tea" to offer Condolences

Visit Mara at"I have tea" to offer condolences .
She just lost her father.
Lori at "Dusty Pages" made me aware of this.