Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze has Died: Leave comments please
Patrick Swayze Died at 57. He died of pancreatic cancer.
Everyone in the media world thought he took his illness on the cuff.
Mr. Swayze had attended the Joffrey School of Ballet. He had danced for "Disney on Parade."
He was in the first Broadway production of "Grease".
He received a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a dance instructor i, Johnny Castle, in Dirty Dancing in 1987.He Received a second nomination for his portrayal of the ghost "Sam Wheat"
in "Ghost" in 1990.
He was a solidly established box star throughout the nineties.
He adored his wife his whole life.Family and friends meant the world to him.
Our condolences go out to his family and friends.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember 9/11

Remember 9/11?
Remember how we came together and how much we admired the heroes?
Remember how horrified we were at the plane going into the World Trade Center, and later at the Pentagon?remember the brave pilot , crew, and passengers who saved our White House by stopping one plane from going there?
I remember all of the heroism and all of the deep feelings that brought us together on that day.
What do you remember from that day?

9/11 Tributes/Frederic Neal Gabler

Frederic Neal Gabler was thirty years old. His idea of heaven was to be surrounded by friends.
He even dreamed of communal living in that sense his family wrote. Mr. Gabler was happily married to his wife Mindy.They med when they were sixteen.She wrote in the tribute that his loving natuer,honesty and sense of humor kept her at his side.
The couple was expecting theri first child when tragedy struck.
Mr. gabler was an equity trader aty Canto Fitzgerald.
HIs father escaped his own office at the WTC on September 11th.
He said that the overflow crowd was his son's eulogy. More than 1,500 people attended his eulogy.
My deepst condolences go out to his family adn friends.
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9/11 Tributes/Mr. Thomas E. Sabella

Mr. Thomas E. Sabella was 44.
He was a New York firefighter. He was, above all things, a family man.
He loved his wife and his child Nicole.
Mr. Sabella was credited with rescuing a man from an upper East side tenement flatin 1998 in
upper East side New York.
His wife Diana accepted his high-risk occupation;noting that he always did his best.
He made his own wine adn gave it away to friends during the holidays.
Mr. Sabella was a great patriot.
Our Condolences go out to his wife adn children. Please leave condolences and comments here to honor Mr. Sabella.

Tributes to 9/11 heroes:Maria Rose Abad

Maria Rose Abad was a senior Vice President at Keele Bruyette and Woods.
She loved her husband Rudy and she loved her job.
She read hundreds of books every year.
My condolences go out to the family and friends of Mrs. Abad.
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