Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Killing at the Holocaust Museum:Questions Linger

A man named Mr. Amon Van Brun shot the guard, Mr. Stephen Tyrone Johns at the National Holocaust Museum, where he showed up sporting an armed rifle.Mr. Johns is now a ntional hero because it is thought that he protected the others in the museum at the ultimate cost.
Mr. Van Brun is a well known author of a white supremacist book about how the Jews in the world hurt gentiles worldwide.
The violence experienced here had many wondering why there are other people who want to suppress the evidence of genocide and racial hatred and deny that the holocaust even happened.
Why do you think this happened? Your thoughts please.

Julia Roberts touts "hole-in-the Wall-gang"

Monday, June 2009
Julia Roberts went on CBS to express her support and appreciation for Paul Newman's creation : the Hole-in-the-wall camps.Growing up Paul loved the experiences that he had in camp. Julia said that Paul started these camps so that children with illnesses and disabilities could experience the same fun and growing up that healthy kids do.
Now his camps are all oer the world.
Did you like camp?
Do you think camps are worthwhile?

Ahead of time: Happy Fathers Day!

I am ahead of myself ; however Happy Fathers Day!
How will you celebrate?
We will get together with some family members and their family .
We will try to have a great time outdoors and eating out!
Happy Fathers Day all of you Dads and Granddads!
Is it a great day ?
And I hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Francis: the Magna Carta Memorial: Who Knew?

Silks By Felix and Dick Francis

I have been enjoying a book given to me by a cousin called"Silks"by Dick and Felix Francis.
It talks about the Magna Carta Memorial in London; built in 1957 by nine thousand American lawyers to honor the Magna Carta document ; which is credited for shaping laws in the United States "and throughout Western Civilisation" according to the attorneys, according to authors Feix and Dick Francis.
The document made sure they wrote that King John upheld it.
It said:
1." that the church would be free from the Royal House ruling it.
2." that it would preserve the ancient freedoms that London enjoys,
3. "that no human will be destroyed, outlawed , imprisoned or condemned unless it is the legal judgement of his peersor the lawof the landthat this shall happen,
4."that we shall not deny or delay rightsor justice to anyone."
Apparently they write, at that time the English had takent their rights for granted .
Then , King John had abused their rights.
they wrote this document so that no king could do this again. It affected all of the Western world and eventually America.
So does his document and monument impress you?
Do you think our rights are safe?

Larry King: Will North Korea Free American Journalists?

This is from Larry King's story on June 1st.
CNN: Larry King Live

The Ling sisters held for court sentence in North Korea: Lisa Ling Speaks Out
June 1st, 2009

Lisa Ling apologized for her tow sisters; both journalists, who are being detained in North Korea awaiting trail (June 4th) for "illegal incursion into North Korea".The sisters were writing a piece which involved illegal trafficking across the border between North and South Korea.Lisa Ling is worried because the US and North KOrea do not have a formal diplomatic relationship, so she says it is ahrd to accomplish anything. She hopes taht NOrth Korea will show compassion upon her two sisters and set them free.
What do you think?
Should these two women have been detained for three months?
Do you think that North Korea will act compassionately adn set them free?
What if anything can be done?