Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slum Dog Millionaire What did you think?

Slum Dog Millionaire took ten oscars!
What did you make of it?
Acclaim from two best friends sent me galloping over there...
The music , photography, and dance were wonderful...
I ahd not been prepared for the pathos and despair; not to mention the extreme events..
how about you?

Ode to Rudyard Kipling, If, Level thinking

"If you can keep your head
While all those around you
Are loosing theirs And Blaming it on you..."
Except from "If" by Rudyard Kipling

I memorized this poem in second grade...please Google it.
It is a source of reflection for me...
Do you think that people are using level thinking these days?
If not, would it help?

"I'm your huckleberry" from Tom Sawyer

"I'm your huckleberry.. Tom"... Doc Halli day's comments to Wyatt Earp in the movie Wyatt Earp.
One of the most important things in my life is good friends.. friends who bestow upon you kind remarks at times when my fortune appears bleak...
Such was my good fortune this week...
If you are my good friend ...Thank Heavens!
And thank you!
Do you have friends who you are grateful for lately?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Visit Sam at:Http://

Sam is in the hospital with heart problems...I just found out recently.
Please leave your comments and prayers. thanks
Sam is really back now Guys! Go read the three new entries I read at:

Check out Paul's Curling:Auroras Walking Vacation

Check out Paul's interesting article on curling; the ancient sport that Canada inherited from the Dutch and the Scots.I think you'll be amused and intrigued... and keep in mind Paul is our Curling Captain in Canada.... yes he's a player!

Beth ask us to visit Marty at Heard at Starbucks

Beth at Nut wood Junction asks us to visit Marty at Heard at Starbucks and offer him support.
His father just had a heart attack.

What do you think are our rights? (Bill of Rights)

"My Country, 'tis of thee, Statue of Liberty, of the I sing...
....Long shall our land be bright
With freedom's holy light
Protect us with thy might
To Thee we sing"...

People.... What are your rights?
We have a Bill of Rights in this country that is scared to me
because it was won with the blood and sacrifices
of our forefathers...
so... you tell me which ones count for you the most!
I hope some of our other friends will consider which rights mean the most for them too...
Do we as a people want to give any of these up?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Visit Kelli "Thoughts of a Sober White Woman"

I was unaware that Kelli's sister passed away on January 14, 2009.
Please go visit her when you can

Go See Lynne at "Time and Thoughts TNTII"

Lynne's mother in law at "time an ThoughtsTNTII" has passed away...
she has written two beautiful tributes... please go visit her

Go See Estella, Penny, Penny, and Julia

Penny ,"Growing Old Gracefully", go visit and offer support.... her daughter's friend has passed away suddenly....Go See Estella "One Last Time at Bat"... she's just had surgery.... Janet is ill and recovering from her surgery....go see "Janet's new Journal"...and Penny at "A Pennies' Worth" could use a visitor or two....