Thursday, October 29, 2009

That Nasty h1n1 Vaccine is Alive!
October 29, 2009

Scientists are trying to educate us about what the swine flu is and what the vaccine is in this writing. They Say:"the swine flu is created within chicken eggs to create a large patch of antigen , which provokes an immune response from a vaccinated individual."
They then caution us: " The virus in the nasal spray is alive; making is more powerful, but also more risky"....They say;" Live viruses can cause genetic instability..a alive virus can cause the spread of a disease..."
They say that the vaccine is not licensed for anyone under two years old and over fifty...
What? I never heard that anywhere....
Further they say"Anyone with a health concern should ask their physicians before taking this vaccine.They mention a large group of people who definitely should not go near the nasal spray. The list includes people with anemia, lung disease, diabetes, heart , lung or kidney disease, or pregnant women...
Wow...The list should include people who have had such diseases....
Do you think anyone should be given this risky product?
Anyone out there heard more about this? what do you think?

h1n1 Nasal Vaccine: Is it safe for anyone?

October 29,2009

Nasal Vaccine:Is it Safe for Anyone?

Dr. Sager reported that no one should take the nasal vaccine if they have or have had; lung disease, asthma, or a weakened immune system..
Huhhhhhhh? I didn't hear this on the news nor read it in the newspaper.
He says parents should be warned prior to the children getting the vaccine.
I have not been told at all...
And the word is that many elementary schools in my area and possibly yours will be given this nasal vaccine without any warnings being given out....
What do you think?

Swine Flu:Are They Safe?
October 28,2009

Barbara Loe Fishe, the administrator of the National Swine Information Center updated her report about the swine flu for you , the public.Swine flu she said is mild for most people.Howver by he end of September there were 600 deaths from it in the U.S.A> including 50 deaths of young children.
Ms. Fishe uttered a huge word of caution: Take No "Drive-By" shots. She refered to shots being given at schools, stores or kiosks, which she said can have enormous possibilities for complications.
Public, she said, be ware: there is no compensation for any h1n1 shot given . the Congress has shielded the manufactures from any lawsuits or legal action.
Oh and she said that some schools are asking students to get three or four shots this year.
She said that this is not safe.Whaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt?
So What do you think?
Do you want the shot?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ard: Is She Our New Common Ancestor?

"Ardi provides clues to human origin"
by Joel Achenbach
Washington Post
October 2, 2009

Mr. Achenbach points out that Ardi lived 4.4 million years ago in East Africa. According to him, she lived mostly in trees and she slept in the trees with her offspring.Sometimes she would come down to the ground and walk upright.
He thinks that she could represent a transitional figure between old primates and newer primates.
Ard lived before Lucy, the 3.2 million year old skeleton found before Ard.
Scientists are still earching for the "lsot common ancestor"; a creature tat is the ancestor of the humans and chimpanzees.Many of these lived 7million years ago.
Ard i doesn't ahve the cahractersitics of the chimpanzees nor look like them so chimpanzees probably developed on their own according to scientists.
Ironically, the chimp adn the gorilla have developed more than the hominid. The hominid is primitve except for its' upright walking adn its' brain development.
Lovejoy, an anthropologist from Kent University, says that the Ards broguth food to theri mates , something that was easier for thsoe who wakled upright. Lovejoy heralds the male parental involvelment as a key point of survivla in these hominids.
What do you think? Do you think we are related to these creatures?

Wow! The Things we Gained with cooking!?comment

Scientific American
September 2009
Cooking by Melinda Wenner

Ms. Wenner says that without cooking we humans had to chew raw food.
Cooking softens food and breaks starch and proteins into more digestible molecules .
Cooking gives us more energy and time to form social relationships , to fuel bigger brains and to create divisions of labor according to Mr. Richard Warngham, and anthropologist from Harvard UniversityWranfham thinks that we hammered meat to make it flatter and easier to eat. This caused sparks!
He stated that he learned this through archeological research that humans had theri first roast 1.9 billion years ago...
Do you beleive this?

How Did We Find Love? Weigh in on this...

Humans: How did we find love?
Scientific American
Fall 2009
by Kate Wong

Weigh in on this please... Kate Wong of Scientific American says that our large brains and upright walking have encouraged our love feelings to begin...Wong says that in humans romantic love is capable of sending us to bliss or despair.
Helen Fisher of Rutgers University said that our larger brains meant that babies were born earlier than other primate infants and that they have en extended childhood to learn and grow.This is all due to our larger brains. She said that our larger brains helped early humans write poetry, create art and dance 35,00 yeas ago.
What do you think? Do you side with them? How ?