Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Meg Scanners

The new meg scanners measure and record the brain's magnetic fields that are caused by the brain's electrical activity.Another word for them is Magneto-encephalopgraphy scanners and doctors currently use them to measure detailsa bout epilepsy, brain tumors and pain perception.
There are 100 MEG scanners around the world and they cost $2 million each.

The scanners track the magnetic signals that neurons throw off as they communicate.
Mr. Greg Simpson of the University of California in San Francisco said" you can look at the networks of the brain talking to each other".

The MEG is better than the MRI scan because it tells us which center of the brain, the language cortex or the visual cortex, is sending a magnetic flow to which other part of the brain.
Some scientists are trying to use the MEG scanners to see if the brain waves can be harnessed to control devices outside of the brain.
What do you think of this new testing? Would you want someone dear to you to use it?

The Story of Saint Valentine

The Story of Saint Valentine

In 270A.D. Marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius of Rome. Claudius thought that married men were not good soldiers. Claudius wanted to be known and the only God; so he outlawed Christianity...Valentine was a Bishop who invited young couples to go to him and get married in secret.Valentine was arrested and brought to Claudius and Claudius tried to recruit him as one of his won if only he would renounce Christianity . In jail, Valentine fell n love with the jailer's daughter, Asterius who was blind. Asterius regained her sight through a miracle at this time.
When Valetine found out he was to be killed, he sent her a farewell not.." From your Valentine..". It was dated February 14th, 270 A.D.

Valentine was beaten, stoned and he had his head cut off when he refused.

How will you celebrate Valentines Day?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teen Cyber Bullying is Epidemic: What to do

CBS cyber-bullying/

Cyber Bullying by Amanda Lenhart

Cyber Bullying by Bridget Tyler

Teen Cyber Bullying is Epidemic: what do we do?

Tina and Ron Meier have become activists lobbying for new legislation and punishment for cyber bullying after a neighborhood mom posed as a boy, led their daughter on that he wanted to date her, spread rumors on My Space and at school that she was a slut and a mean person.
the mom then pretended that her persona, Josh Evans, wanted nothing more to do with their daughter and dropped her.Their daughter Megan ahd been on anti-depression medication. She
could not face the hate emails and Josj leaving her so she hung herself in her closet.
Their neighbor was never questioned by the police nor charged with a crime.
Amanda Lenhart said that one third of US teenagers are or have been targets of cyber bullying. they have had private emails forwarded to others, threatening messages and mean message about them placed on various sites.

Teens have always treated each other badly; however cyber bullying has turned more and more deadly.
Phoebe Prince, a shy 14 year old was the latest victim of cyber bullying, Jessica Chapdelaine said that her classmates would send her hateful emails. She couldn't handle these. Then someone told erh to hang herself, so she did. Phoebe isn't alone. There are many cases of cyber torment.Some kdsi can't over come this bullying because it does not stay in the school yard like in the old days; it goes home with you. he average teen is connected with technology all of the time.
Patty Aftab has these suggestions to help teens:

1. Teach the teen to"stop, block and tell" a parent or a teacher when it happens.

2. Monitor the teen's behavior. If she is avoiding Face book or retreiving her email, ask her what is going on.

3. Talk to kids about cyber bullying eraly.

4. Make it clear you will help stop it quick once it comes up.

5. If bullies torment the teen, tell the teen to stop and walk away from the computer. Take a few minutes to calm down and the block the tormentor from various accounts.

Do you think that these steps will help? Do you think teens needs additional classes in standing up to bullies? Do you think we need additional legislation?

Rewalk is awesome creation: paralyzed patients can walk

Rewalk is Awesome creation: Paralyzed Patients can walk!

Last month, Argo Medical Technologies announced this new development: the ReWalk Exoskeleton; a light brace-like suit for people who have been paralyzed.
It fits the body well and it detects upper body movements.
There are "integrated DC motors" at the joints , rechargeable batteries and an extensive series of sensors related to a computer system which prevent the patient from falling should her foot hit a rock by modifying the next step to balance the person.

Dr. Alberto Esquenazi is heading the trails of ReWalk at Moss Rehab; a rehabilitation and research center in Philadelphia. Esquenazi says it helps patient's health becasue lack of exercise can make one's bones brittle but Rewalk can reverse the process.
What do you think about this? Do me , it came too late for Christopher Reeves , but he sure worked for it . Incredible...