Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorist Attack Mumbai! What do you make of it?

Terrorists Attack Mumbai
Thanksgiving night and Nov.28,2008

Imagine my surprise on Thanksgiving Eve to find out these facts:
Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai were set on fire.
The hospital and the train station were attacked.
Initially 125 were killed; now the figure is 160. Two were American.
There were 327 wounded and 50 hostages were taken.Five hostages were killed.
Apparently the Jewish Center was also taken. A Rabbi and his wife were killed.
The toddler of the couple escaped.
India and Pakistan are fighting over control of Kashmir.
this attack was said to work on undermining the relationship of India and Pakistan.
The CNN reporter stated that the US needs to work with both countries to get them to work together more. The Kashmir case is front and center.
What do you think?

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