Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome:Do We Do Enough?

Tom is a disabled veteran.
He writes with passion about how many veterans need post traumatic stress syndrome treatment
and how few get it... I wrote back that journalists have been saying as much and that we should do better... we should have enough spaces for these veterans to receive good treatment and care...
What do you think?


garnett109 said...

Tom is right, the Va where I live don't do enough.
I had a friend move to Florida to get the help he needed.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Good entry, Natalie! I have a service-connected disability rating from the Va for my PTSD, and it is a "DISORDER" for which three is no cure-- but it can be treated to some extent. Like most other things, it's hard to fully understand unless you have it. Some fakers try to scam the Gov't for the money and benefits-- but the VA actually makes it's rules so hard that many honest, eally disabled men [and women] get screwed and 'screen out."


natalie said...

Dear Tom and Garnett,
Thanks for posting on this important issue.
Keep talking it up so that people will do more... the economy is slow now but if you keep up the patient communication with everyone, things will gradually shift
An eye opener!