Friday, May 7, 2010

Wounded Warriors: Check it out

Wounded Warriors: Check it out

Wounded Warriors is a devoted non-profit who raises money for wounded veterans.
It is such a transparent group in that most of the money goes to veterans who need help. Please check it out.

Memorial Day is coming ... Will you celebrate?

Memorial Day is coming..
Will you celebrate this day to honor fallen soldiers who died trying to protect our freedoms through
World War I, World War II, Korea , Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan...

Will the Whaling Ban be lifted?

Will the Whaling ban be lifted?
Google Scholar
MarBEf newsletter; Editor: Raisin Nash
http://www.theartciis/articles/cases/...2000-the artic is
by g.Paisson

European legislation has been passed which finally recognizes biodiversity in Europe and the need to support it...however , Mr.Nash says it will take years to enforce it.Meanwhile there are intuit fishermen who try to catch whales around Iceland ,and other fishermen in Denmark and Japan who still fish for whales.

Certainly there are errors in fishing but how do you feel about people actively killing whales?
Do you think they will have a chance once Europe finally gets these new laws enforced?
Some scholars think that the intuit should be treated as a "special case" and allowed to fsh for whales. What do you think?

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
I wish you lots of joy and happiness with your family and friends this weekend!
Comments about your weekend are always welcome!