Monday, January 18, 2010

Go See Jeanette of ;"Inside-looking out.." blog

Go See Jeanette of "Inside -looking out" blog
Jeanette is ill and I'm sure that Guido has written about her in his caring blog that he and Sugar operate.. I just want people to go write nice things to Jeanette

Happy Martin Luther KIng Day! How was it?

Happy Martin Luther King Day: How was it?
I prayed and celebrated Martin Luther King's life yesterday in church;
and I have to say we have been so blessed with having him.
I was very happy with his successes and very sad that it cost him his life.
How about you?

Haiti : the Horrors of a 7.0 Earthquake

Haiti: the Horrors of a &.0 Earthquake
Yahoo news

Haiti had a huge earthquake and it happened directly upon a split : a fault line between
two regions of the earth. No one could go in or out: and many relief airplanes have been turned away. Millions of people have been suffering in the poorest country of the world.
Historically it has been a very corrupt place for politicians.
The Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Unicef and Doctors without Borders have been vying for a landing as well as many European health organisations and the U.N. Health organisation.

My teen , along with others, have tried to make plans to go aid these people.
He was upset to learn that he needed more training ...

we are still worried for these people.
There are at least 20,000 people awaiting burial (Sunday) and more probably now...
The U.S. Air Force is in charge of the airport and we have sent many many Marines...
How do you feel?Leave comments for Haitians.
I hope the best for all of them and I send my condolences to those who have lost their families and homes and /or are injured in this tragedy.

Belated Happy New Year! Any Plans?

I have been juggling several things at once!
My question about the New Year: IS there something special you want to happen?
Want to share?
Let us know!
For me , I want bloggers there to feel more happy! Psyched!