Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloggers Joann Wants our Prayers and Thoughts

hi Guys!
Many thanks for your wonderful blogs! I will be including a Thank You
to you for your are marvelous friends to have!
Please help me figure out a way to send nice comments to Joann.
She does not have a comment are on her blog.
If you persist you can become her follower.
In addition Joann you have our prayers and thoughts.
Joann you can add a comment with your email should
you want to.
Joann I cried for you when I read your words about he terrible fire
near you by Diamond Bar, outside of Los Angeles.
We will all pray and hope that you and yours are spared but also
that the fire will be over soon.


marti said...

you are part of the glue that holds us together Nat

Joann said...

Nat, Thank you SO VERY much for the kind thoughts and prayers. I want everyone to know that we are fine, and not in any danger. I wanted prayer for those who ARE affected... ours was so slight compared to people losing their homes. The air is clearing here, and we are fine. Thank you!!