Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dutchman to Save Borneo: Meet Smits

Scientific American 3.0
Jan through March 17, 2009
"Regrowing Borneo, tree by tree"
by Jane Braxton Little

This periodical is full of green hope!:)
Smits, A Dutchman by birht , now Indonesian,has succeeded in
recreating a new orangutan habitat "one square meter at a time."
Smits fought deforestation and the setting to fire of the orangutan habitat
for twenty years now.His partners in his venture are 600 families of the Dayak
tribe in the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia.
Smits calls this" the people's forest".
He calls the project "Samora Lestart." He has not yet submitted the project according to
Little for public scrutiny or review.
Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Borneo has 15,000 plant species,
222 mammal species and hundreds of bird species , fresh water and amphibian fish.
It has 6,000 species that are found nowhere else.
Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin's, wrote about these species in 1858.

In the 1970s loggers started to tear this pqlce apart.
The roads that they cut inot the woods reduced the habitat and the temeprature warmed up considerably. Smits is hoping that the entire island will be restred.
What do you think about Smits?:)

Looking forward to Tuesday

I have been sick guys and I will catch up (nods) promise!

he will have a very hard time due to the economy
and the war...
what plans do you have?
and do you support him?

Would you try the Acai berry? Why or why not?

According to the Acai berry organization the Acai berry is
a"perfect food that mankind has always been looking for.
It is far better than any other combination of other foods on earth, ounce
per ounce."
The Acai berry is a dark purple fruit that has little edible pulp.
It grows in a tree from the palm family and it grows in "large stringy bunches."
It only grows in Amazonia in northern Brazil in the rain forest.
Natives have been eating it for some time and ecologists are excited
with it because they have been able to stop the chopping trees
here and local people get jobs harvesting the berries;
(free trade product).

It is know for its' antioxidants.
There are very interesting studies of this fruit!
For example, Professor SteveTalcott at the University of Florida
thinks that the Acai berry in studies has caused a self-destruct process in 86%
of leukemia cells.
so..would you drink it?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronic cigarettes:Will they work? Do you like them?

the Doctors, CBS Jan.&, 2009

People can choose to buy electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. They provide nicotine is a cool mist without chemicals, CO2 and tar... Will they help people quit?Are they worth it?
They cost $150 with $50 replacements... what do you think?Do you like the lack of smoke?

Designer Babies:What do you think?

Doctors, CBS, Jan.7, 2009

Dr. Steinberg offers everyone the opportunity to pick : eye color, hair color and sex for their babies.
He uses "predictive embryos" which have certain percentage probabilities for getting the traits that the customer desires and the embryo of choice is"transferred in".
What do you think of this?Do you like the technology or find it offensive?What will the result bring us?

Danny is ok! Many Thanks

Danny was found.. and he did have hyporthermia but he is over that and over the shock...
Thanks for the support!

Monday, January 5, 2009


A best friend of my teen almost died...
Can't seem to shake those blues....

You Pulled Through

the snow
was blinding you
you pulled through
your hands
were freezing
you heart
was breaking
you pulled through...

people were wrapping you
In warm light
angels were guiding the guides
In the night

We didn't want to loose you Danny
We didn't want to loose you

So glad
the angels
heralded the morn'

So glad
their shrouds
kept you warm

sweet Danny

Jeanette lost two friends..Outside-looking in(Jeanette...

Please go visit Jeanette..she's lost two friends ina fire recently...

Go Visit Lynne: she lost her grandmother

Go and Visit Lynne: Time and Thoughts TNT:Chilly meets Chilli
Please send positive thoughts and prayers to Lynne's family following her
grandmother's death. It sounds as though her grandmother was wonderful.