Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted Kennedy's Funeral to be set for Saturday August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy's funeral set for August 29, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy's funeral will be held this Saturday.
Our thoughts go out to the family and the nation.
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Apparently, Senator Kennedy had visited a shrine for healing during his bouts wiht brain cancer.
Do you believe in spiritual healing?


sheri said...

Yes I do. I think that spiritual healing comes in the form of miracles.

Lynne said...

Yes I believe in miracles. I was watching CNN and got a chuckle as the news team had the camera anchored on the hearst waiting for the procession to begin. Out walks a boy of ten or so, and he goes up to the vehicle and sits on it with his hands in his pockets and posed for the camera. The military guard did not move an inch. Then, the little brat child walked off and then panned into the camera view again and waved. He had to be a realative, and I bet when his mom and dad viewed that later or heard about it, he probably got in trouble, lol.

I had one experience with Ted Kennedy and by no means would I want it to stereotype his persona or character. Years ago, my mother and I happened to be at Childrens Hospital in Wash DC. We happened upon a young man that was all alone and very ill. He said he was working as a student staffer for Mr. Kennedy and they dropped him off at the hospital, and called his parents (whom lived out of state). No one stayed with him during his medical crisis. He said the doctors thought he was suffering with appendicitis. It was in the Christmas season too. I just felt so sorry for him, and angry with Ted K and his staff for their negligence. Why couldn't he have arranged to have someone stay with him? My mom and I sat with him, prayed with him and kept him company for a bit longer than we needed to be there, and I just never forgot that day.