Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is Our Food Nutritious?Weigh in...

The Daily Show
July 18, 2009

Mr. Stewart interviewed Mr. Robert Kenner of Food, Inc. Kenner says that the food we make is not nutritious. He said we used to spend 18% of our salaries on food and now we spend 8% of our salaries on food. Kenner said that cows are piled on top of each other where they are kept.He says tomatoes are not grown nutritiously. He says that we are more diabetic as a nation due to the quality of food.
Kenner said that our healthcare costs are going to go up to 18%. We are paying for these changes in teh quality of the food at the store he said.
Kenner says to vote with your wallet and to buy , for example, healthier food, like hormone free milk.
He encourges people to watch the film "Food Inc."
Do you agree or dissagree? Why?

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garnett109 said...

Its up to the person to eat right, remember the old saying, you are what you eat