Thursday, March 19, 2009

Was Caplan Right? Arthur Caplan, Bioethicist


Arthur Caplan is the author of 25 books .He is a well respected bio ethicist..
at the University of PA. He says it is unethical to pick sex, eye color and other characteristics of babies prior to birth. What do you think?
Do you think we have the right to harvest embryos ?
Do you think that we have the right to pick characteristics?


garnett109 said...

Yikes, that sounds like a sci-fi movie " The Harvest Of Embryonic Cells"

Penny said...

Hot and touch subject, Nat. I loved not knowing how my children would come out. And harvesting embroyos? I am opposed to anything that would kill a fetus. blessings, Penny

Joan said...

Don't think there is any need to chose that sort of thing. Thank you for the good wishes have been in hospital but home again now. Love my birdwatching think that's where I got the chest infection standing looking for a Shrike in the freezing cold. Will I ever learn. Love Joan

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Natalie,
Reading,studying and understanding the Bible, the true Word of God Almighty is my moral compass and measuring tape that I use to decide what is morally right/ correct for my path, no matter what. Proverbs 3:5, "Trust the Lord with all your heart; and do NOT lean upon your own understanding."

Sorry, I don't put a lot of stock into what some goofy human "scientist" might say or proclaim.
Ha! I bet your voted for 'messiah' obama with the 'Dims'... lol!

Tom S

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.I just came to visit your blog and find it really interesting.Well I do agree with Arthur Caplan.I feel no matter how advanced we get, there will be still some mysteries out there which is governed by nature.I firmly believe we should not respect that. I agree that we should not design babies as per our choice. I don't think we have the right to pick up characteristics. Certain things are best left the way they are.Yes we can decode the human genome get treatment for various diseases,try to prevent birth defects,but choosing characteristics is no no.
Take care,Dreamer.

natalie said...

I appreciate all of you so much for having an opinion and the guts to voice it!I hope more people will!