Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go See Cathy: Big Kudoes for Dare to Think

Cathy won inspiration and warm fuzzy feelings from me for her heroic entry:
"Daily Pain in a Different Light". People it is gutsy, it is emotional, it is philosophical and Cathyis quoted as saying" I use my energy of chronic pain to motivate me into transforming it into something I don't need..."
that's risky, innovative, and great.
Cathy you are a delight!
I also recommend her recent entry "No Single Creed".
It is a beautiful somewhat whimsical thought provoking entry on what we get from our faith and how we might use it!


Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Nat,
So I suppose that you support and favor the God-dishonoring life style of Sodomites, perverts and the so-called 'Gay agenda ??'
AS we humans are 'free moral agents' and have the freedom to choose either serving and obeying God-- or just do what ever we want, right or wrong. I can see so easily who are the false, plastic, fake, CINO's [Christians in name only..] God is not one to be mocked.
AS a sinner but also a born-again Christian, I choose to follow Jesus Christ, rather than some goofy human "scientists" who have a political agenda... Ha! And for that, I make NO apology.

Warm Regards,
Tom S

natalie said...

hi there Tom...
Christ preached above all else what?
Love, compassion, non judgment...
I ma always amazed how much criticism and blame Mary Magdalen took at the hands of the Romans
who gave her name much horrible slander that she never earned!
She was a very intelligent good woman who took a lot of grief for following Christ and being a smart woman in her day and I think I love her and I am the better for it.I do not believe for one minute that Christ ever condemned homosexuals at all. I also believe that he did not have some of the facts about how some of us may be built genetically and coded differently than others of us.

natalie said...

Dear Tom,
thank you for your comments.
I appreciate the fact that we think and pray different but yet we still come here to exchange thoughts and grow,
I hope that everything will go ok for your wife, on her heart surgery on March 24th. Let me know and please let Sug and Guido know if you want them to include her in their prayer journal. Pleas let me know if you want an entry about it over here.

Beth said...

Dear Natalie,

I firmly believe that homosexuality is not a choice. It is part of the genetic code, and scientists are getting closer and closer to identifying the gene.

I also agree with your view of a Christ of compassion and love, rather than condemnation and hatred for his fellow human beings.

Hugs, Beth