Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweetman to Find 48 new Dinosaur Species


CBS reported this find three weeks ago off the Isle of Wight in England.
Richard Roth told the world about Whitman;s discoveries of a microscopic species
and there are 48 types that he has found and had documented and checked.
It would be fascinating for you to see the way he sifted through sand ... he made cuts of
huge lumps and then sifted them.

What do you make of this?
And are you surprised that they are so small?


garnett109 said...

I'll have to check it out

garnett109 said...

I still can not find the Bears Den
send me the on his journal

natalie said...

ok Johnny

natalie said...

you guys: it is funny that these 48 dinasaur species were very very small!
:) That meant to me that we know so little!I may have to mention that fact to Paul Little !(our Canadian skeptic)