Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do Schools Need Help to Prevent Bullying?

CBS Evening News
Springfield, Mass. April4,2010


Bullying: Do Schools Need a New Approach?
by Bianca Solorzano

Three teenagers will appear in court to face charges of bullying connected tot he death of 15 year old Phoebe Prince. Six other students will be charged in this case. States have tried to get the schools to address bullying by mandating anti-bullying initiatives . Ms. Solorzano asks the question: Have these worked?
CBS News has identified eleven students between the ages of 9 to 13 who have committed suicide because of bullying in the past twelve months.
Solorzano asks we need more support against bullies in our schools? What do you think?

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sheri said...

Hi Natalie, nice to see your post..
Yes, they do need a new approach. My son was the victim of bullying for years at school..One time the principal told me that he needed a thicker skin and to let things roll off his back..
We were in the principals office because my son had had enough and when he left the room angry, he slammed the door and the little window in the door broke..
Another time, my son was in trouble because he struck back and the teacher saw it...Again another trip to the principals office. with a police officer there, my ex and I told all of them that we stood behind our son 1oo% to defend himself from these bullies.
With all of the crap he had to put up with, I can proudly say my son graduated!
People DO NOT realize what some of these kids go through.If they do, sometimes the thought is,,"get over it" "kids will be kids".And the schools should be ashamed to let it happen...