Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Story of Saint Valentine

The Story of Saint Valentine

In 270A.D. Marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius of Rome. Claudius thought that married men were not good soldiers. Claudius wanted to be known and the only God; so he outlawed Christianity...Valentine was a Bishop who invited young couples to go to him and get married in secret.Valentine was arrested and brought to Claudius and Claudius tried to recruit him as one of his won if only he would renounce Christianity . In jail, Valentine fell n love with the jailer's daughter, Asterius who was blind. Asterius regained her sight through a miracle at this time.
When Valetine found out he was to be killed, he sent her a farewell not.." From your Valentine..". It was dated February 14th, 270 A.D.

Valentine was beaten, stoned and he had his head cut off when he refused.

How will you celebrate Valentines Day?


Anonymous said...

By re-committing my love to by "husband" (BF)


sheri said...

I have never heard this story before. Thanks for sharing.
I have no plans for the big day..although I have given thought to buying myself a V.D. present or flowers...LOL...
Hugs, Sheri

Barbara said...

I really enjoyed reading this history of Valentine's Day story! Thanks for sharing it, Nat.

I don't have any special plans for Valentine's Day this year.

garnett109 said...

It is a tough job being a saint, those job hazards are a bitch

Joann said...

What a sad story. I knew the first part but not his own love story.

Nicole said...

I always think the history behind holidays is interesting...thanks for stopping by my coupon blog.