Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rewalk is awesome creation: paralyzed patients can walk

Rewalk is Awesome creation: Paralyzed Patients can walk!

Last month, Argo Medical Technologies announced this new development: the ReWalk Exoskeleton; a light brace-like suit for people who have been paralyzed.
It fits the body well and it detects upper body movements.
There are "integrated DC motors" at the joints , rechargeable batteries and an extensive series of sensors related to a computer system which prevent the patient from falling should her foot hit a rock by modifying the next step to balance the person.

Dr. Alberto Esquenazi is heading the trails of ReWalk at Moss Rehab; a rehabilitation and research center in Philadelphia. Esquenazi says it helps patient's health becasue lack of exercise can make one's bones brittle but Rewalk can reverse the process.
What do you think about this? Do me , it came too late for Christopher Reeves , but he sure worked for it . Incredible...


Lucy said...

I hate to even hear the word bullying. I was painfully shy and the kids picked up on that. We were plaYING A GAME in our little country school and I was "it" and then noon recess happened, and I developed a horrible headache. The last thing I remember I had walked home at 4:00 when we got out of school and staggered into mom and dads bed and that was the last I remember for days. You should have seen the sorry bunch of kids that accused and made fun of me for pretending.I will never forget it.

garnett109 said...

Cool stuff thanks for sharing!