Monday, November 23, 2009

Intercool Therapies Save Lives

June 23, 2008

University of Arizona News

This article says that therapeutic cooling is being used at the University Medical Center to prevent brain damage in cardiac arrest patients.
Dr. Sanders says it has been highly succesfulfor patients whose hearts have stopped due to sudden cardiac arrests and keeps a pulse.


Paula said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. Don't have Sugar's new blog off hand but I'm going to watch for her to comment and then click on it to find her. I know I wrote it somewhere but you should see all my little notes around here. Pitiful!

Cathy said...

Good to point this out - how many tots and adults have been revived because a state of hypothermia slowed their heart rate and circ system, preserving the body till CPR can be done. Tricky tho, if left in that condition long enough. Good post, and I agree with your comment: Tryptophan in all breakfast cereals!

Barbara said...

Way cool that doctors have found a way to use a condition that normally is thought of as dangerous and bad to actually slow damage and save lives!

Love ya, Nat!