Monday, November 23, 2009

Hyperthermia used to save your brain:heart attacks
written December 5, 2006

Hyperthermia can be used to save your brain from further injury by slownig everything down.
CBS News INteractive Healthwatch in New Orleans (AP) stated that Cynthis Crawford had some mighty shocks to get her heart beating after she collapsed at Oschner Clinic.
"She was placed ina cocoon-like pool that sprayed her body with hundreds of icy jes of water; plunging her into hyperthermia..."
Her cardiologist said:"It was like jumping into the North Sea.."When Crawford recovered days later it was without the main damage she would have had.
Apparently some doctors have used this method for years to limit the damage from brain, spinal cord injuries and strokes..even to help prematurity in newborns..
What do you think of it? would you try this?

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Lori said...

Very interesting. I'm glad it worked for her. I've never heard of it and don't know if I'd try it or not.