Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu:Are They Safe?
October 28,2009

Barbara Loe Fishe, the administrator of the National Swine Information Center updated her report about the swine flu for you , the public.Swine flu she said is mild for most people.Howver by he end of September there were 600 deaths from it in the U.S.A> including 50 deaths of young children.
Ms. Fishe uttered a huge word of caution: Take No "Drive-By" shots. She refered to shots being given at schools, stores or kiosks, which she said can have enormous possibilities for complications.
Public, she said, be ware: there is no compensation for any h1n1 shot given . the Congress has shielded the manufactures from any lawsuits or legal action.
Oh and she said that some schools are asking students to get three or four shots this year.
She said that this is not safe.Whaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt?
So What do you think?
Do you want the shot?


garnett109 said...

I agree

Lori said...

Thanks for all this info on the H1N1 virus and the vaccination.

sheri said...

This is just crazy.
In my area, some kids were given adult doses of the vaccine. Aren't these people reading the bottles?
Thanks for keeping us updated!
Hugs, Sheri

Lucy said...

I think every one needs to settle down and stop this nonsense, especially parents with children, pregnant women and people with underlying health issues. If I had a CHILD THAT CHILD WOULD BE VACCINATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I would take it myself if I was a candidate for it. I am sorry folks but I will be 80 in a few more days and a sister that was born long before me contracted polio at 3 years of age. It left her crippled on one side severely but she lived and after what I saw her go through when the polio vaccine came out we were all first in line for it. My youngest was 4 months old and I did not think twice. We are scaring ourselves. Do not wait to get the darn vaccine if you have a child, for that childs sake. My opinion but I have learned a lot in my near 80 years and I have no patience for this so called stuff that no one knows if it is true.