Monday, October 5, 2009

Ard: Is She Our New Common Ancestor?

"Ardi provides clues to human origin"
by Joel Achenbach
Washington Post
October 2, 2009

Mr. Achenbach points out that Ardi lived 4.4 million years ago in East Africa. According to him, she lived mostly in trees and she slept in the trees with her offspring.Sometimes she would come down to the ground and walk upright.
He thinks that she could represent a transitional figure between old primates and newer primates.
Ard lived before Lucy, the 3.2 million year old skeleton found before Ard.
Scientists are still earching for the "lsot common ancestor"; a creature tat is the ancestor of the humans and chimpanzees.Many of these lived 7million years ago.
Ard i doesn't ahve the cahractersitics of the chimpanzees nor look like them so chimpanzees probably developed on their own according to scientists.
Ironically, the chimp adn the gorilla have developed more than the hominid. The hominid is primitve except for its' upright walking adn its' brain development.
Lovejoy, an anthropologist from Kent University, says that the Ards broguth food to theri mates , something that was easier for thsoe who wakled upright. Lovejoy heralds the male parental involvelment as a key point of survivla in these hominids.
What do you think? Do you think we are related to these creatures?


Lucy said...

Hello Natalie, Thank you for visiting my blog. As you can tell I have lived a fairly long life and from the point that I remember and started this blog, I have never regretted it. Some are bits and pieces and some very clear but it is a good thing, to remember then I appreciate everything so much more. As for your thoughts on your post, I truly do not know. I think there is a common denominator.

Lucy said...

I forgot to answer your question about the picture. Yes, that is our beagle and he is spoiled rotten but we just are huge animal lovers and have always had a dog but usually 2 at a time. Just getting to old a to have a companion for him so he makes us his companions.

Dutch said...

Hi Natalie, I want to thank you for visiting my blog.
Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.
Have a terrific Tuesday.

Sugar said...

ty for visiting my journal & leaving a comment, inviting me to come to your blog.
just stopping my to say hi & wish you a good week.
as for your post, i won't go into my thoughts here. i'm sure you already know them anyway, with my strong beliefs as a Christian. lol

Joann said...

I'm SOOOO CHRISTIAN... LOL!!! Don't believe in evolution in ANY way!! = )

Hey, I can't believe that I haven't been following your blog... I wonder how I got kicked off. I just became a follower, agian!! LOL!!

Rowe said...

Hi Nat, no ... I don't believe we evolved from any animal species. I'm more persuaded to believe in creation than evolution. I have not studied evolution, I don't know all the facts that have been uncovered, therefore I could not argue one is right and the other is wrong. I think it's a matter of what you choose to believe or accept as 'fact'. Faith is based on the immaterial, what we don't see, whereas scientific facts are based on material evidence produced, bones, footprints, archaeological findings, etc.

Rowe said...

Hmm, on second thoughts, faith is also based on what we see. God's creation all around us, is what I see.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm sure there's a link to her and I'm pretty sure that my ex-mother-in-law was part of her family.