Monday, May 4, 2009

What are you lanning for Mothers Day?

What are you plans for Mother's Day?
What will you do?
And ahead of time
Happy Mother's Day!
I hope you all have a great family and, when possible,
I hope you get to see your mother!


garnett109 said...

putting flowers on her grave

sober white women said...

I sent my mom an e card. I may send a few more. I am not sure yet. I don't think anyone has anything planned for me and that is cool.

Joann said...

Taking my mom to Tea, and I got her a very vain gift, too... a portfolio of son's grad pics... LOL!! Same thing for the Mother-in-law.... but truly, I know they'll both LOVE IT!!!

Lynne said...

I already have flowers purchased for my mom. We'll go to church with her and not sure whether lunch will be included. We'll decide when we get closer to the date.

I want to arrange to have flowers placed on my MIL's grave.

Joann said...

I already commented... but I haven't been here in awhile, so thought I'd comment again on this one. For Mother's Day, I bought my mom a beautiful arrangement of purple and pink flowers, we went to church, and to breakfast... had a nice day. My SON even went to church and breakfast with me... LOL!! (That was my mother's day present... hey, it worked for me!)