Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Belated Save the Frogs Day April 28,2009

Scientific American
April 28, 2009 entry
http://www, for additional information)
http://www.savethe additional information)
Save the Frog Day is according to Scientific American the call from scientists all over the world to save frogs from extinction.
the Save teh Frogs Foundation in Centerville, Virginia says :" one third of the 6,317 species are on the brink of extinction."
The chybrid fungus is known to be deadly to frogs according to the scientists at Scientific American, It prohibits amphibian's skin to absorb water and oxygen. No known cure exists.
Habitat destruction, over harvesting for the pet market and pesticides are knwon threats to frogs.
My family is partial to frogs, what about you?
What do you think of this post? Do you think we can stop using so many pesticides? Do you think we can grow enough frogs int eh lab to compensate for those killed by the chybrid fungus?


garnett109 said...

I like frogs Tastes like chicken!

Joann said...

LOL @ Garnett!!! Frogs are YUCKY!! BUT I suppose they have their place... SAVE THE FROGS!