Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yasmin, Isn't She Great, bloggers comment

Go by and fill Yasmin with your holiday cheer/ or/ conversely/ tell her
about your reasons for Ba Hum Bug!
She's written an interesting entry about getting ready for the holidays!
Included is a couple of sentences in which she expresses concern about
senior citizens having to choose between food and heating gas! ohmy!
What do you make of that? Can't they have non - profits help them to care for the seniors?


sober white women said...

I will swing by there

Beth said...

I just left a comment for Yasmin--it was great to hear from her!

Hugs, Beth

Yasmin said...

Thanks for the mention Nat much appreciated , but most of my friends get round to me sooner or

On another not why not ask Guido if you can be added to the Jland Central blog as a writer so you can plug all the blogs you do, I'd love to read about what your doing.

Thanks again


Bill said...

Hello Nat, Just stopped by to say Hi and catch up on reading your Journal. I have been a bit preoccupied lately. My hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season. My Regards, Bill.

Max-e said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for syopping is at the maxfiles.
Of you want info on getting into South Africa,you can go to

BYW I am not a game ranger, It was my first choice of career when O left school, but I am a management consultant and wannabe writer