Monday, December 15, 2008

Go See Jeanette at "Outside-looking In (Jeanette...

Go see Jeanette at "Outside-looking In(Jeanette...
It would appear that Jeanette's back is hurting badly.
She received a call from her husband that the police were putting a boot
on his car because he parked illegally .... Her husband is a very honest guy...
He told the police that he was a senior and that the sign was very high for him to read .
He said that he did not see the sign... but no... he has to pay a fine which is about $600.00
or most of their energy fund for the winter!Appalling!
I was hoping that she can find a way to find a judge who will appeal this.
Anyway drop by and see here!
She's putting on tea and coffee for you!

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