Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Bliss

The bliss you bring
Is full of light
And full of love
and warm

The strength you know
Is not of limb
But is aglow
When you enter
the room...

The take I get
Is so big
And so fun
I hardly
Can take it in!

The wonder is:
You never know
How much
We all

Love you


Paula said...

Aww I like this. Where have you been my friend? So good to see you back.

ADB said...

Great piece, Natalie, don't be long in coming back :-)

Shauneen said...

Welcome back Natalie! A lovely piece of writing from the heart! I really should get back to blogging but time is the enemy! I am grateful to Guido for mentioning your latest post! Keep at it :) Shauneen

Jeanie said...

Natalie! I have found you again by accident. I have a new computer which is taking me all over the place trying to find all my old familiar places and faces.
I felt the mood of this lovely poem. You are a sensitive and talented wordsmith. Keep up the good work.
I hope to be able to visit with you anon.