Thursday, March 31, 2011

communicate...what did you say?

Dear Bloggers,
What is the best way to communicate with teens about deep/spiritual matters?
ok...what is the best way to talk to seniors about deep matters of the heart?
thank you!


DB said...

Hello natalie, welcome. Vagabond Journeys is a divers, often scatter=brained basket of thoughts and ideas. Please enjoy it.

Le Promeneur said...

bonjour nathalie,c'est jean marie,cela va pas si mal,après un passage à vide.mais je re- viens lentement.
God bless you.

Joann said...

Hi Nat, just curious, are you able to read the comment above mine? = ) Sure SOUNDS pretty, though, huh?!

I've totally failed in the talking to teens about spiritual anything... my son prays, but will not go to church... he'll go with his friends, though... LOL!! OH well, whaddaya gonna do... it has to be HIS choice now (he's 20).

Anonymous said...

suggestion. You can't tell a teen anything; you have to suggest this or that. For that matter, suggestion is something we all need a lil bit more of.

DB said...

I tried to reply to your comments but it said you are not accepting main from me.

Bea said...

Hi Natalie... are you still here? It's been a long time for me on blogger.

I came by to say hello... I don't have teens any longer, so I don't have a good answer. Often, when they have a specific question and ask it of you, that is a good time to respond with what you know and believe, and even better is to get the help of someone you respect, a teacher, preacher, or other friend that the teen respects and feels comfortable talking to.

I've always found that watching a tv show or movie that touches on the topic is a great lead in to any deeply spiritual topic, especially for teens be cause you can always ask "So what did you think when.... happened?"

For seniors, just start talking. Tell them you have something deep and personal to talk about, ask them if they would mind listening. Let them know if you are looking for advice or just wanting to think out loud to clarify somehting for yourself.

I guess you could do the same with teens. Just depends on the teen.

How did your communication efforts work (I notice this is an older post so you've probably solved the issue by now!)

take care and come by and see my new posting!

ADB said...

Hi Natalie, long time no see. I hope all is well with you - people have been asking about you, like Bea above. And Shauneen (Bits of Me). Drop us a line.


ADB said...

Hello Nat,
Hope all is well with you