Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What do you think are our rights? (Bill of Rights)

"My Country, 'tis of thee, Statue of Liberty, of the I sing...
....Long shall our land be bright
With freedom's holy light
Protect us with thy might
To Thee we sing"...

People.... What are your rights?
We have a Bill of Rights in this country that is scared to me
because it was won with the blood and sacrifices
of our forefathers...
so... you tell me which ones count for you the most!
I hope some of our other friends will consider which rights mean the most for them too...
Do we as a people want to give any of these up?


garnett109 said...

What rights George Bush took them all away.
Actually I love them all especially the right to carry and bare arms !

sober white women said...

I also believe in the right to carry and bare arms. Yep. I even got a 22 for Christmas. NO ONE will ever take them from me.

Beth said...

Natalie, I support all of our rights under the Bill of Rights. I also support the right to bear arms, but I think we need to monitor gun shows more closely. I see nothing wrong with implementing background checks on those who want to purchase guns.