Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronic cigarettes:Will they work? Do you like them?

the Doctors, CBS Jan.&, 2009

People can choose to buy electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. They provide nicotine is a cool mist without chemicals, CO2 and tar... Will they help people quit?Are they worth it?
They cost $150 with $50 replacements... what do you think?Do you like the lack of smoke?


Joann said...

I'm confused, isn't the 'nicotine' what they're trying to QUIT!?!?

garnett109 said...

buy wellbutrin its cheaper

Bill said...

Won't do much for me. I quit smoking 19 years ago. Nothing will help if you don't want to stop smoking.
Regards, Bill

LIZ said...

Hey there, I had to make my journal private. But I dont want to lose any of my readers.So if you could send me your email I can add you.

Thanks, Liz