Monday, October 27, 2008

What Bloggers will do on Halloween

What will you guys do for Halloween?
Will you set out candy and decorate the porch?
Do you like Halloween?
Do you kids have costumes?
.... ummm...
For me
I have a slight fascination with costumes and the British version of Day of the Dead.
(Jeanette Can you give me the name?:) Yasmyn? Guido?:) Anyone?)
In Mexico it is quite fascinating because many people bring the favorite dish of their dead relatives (freshly cooked) and place it next to the tombstone. Wow!:)
Some families set a place for each favorite dead relative at the table November 2 .
The idea in both cases is that teh spirit of the person will enjoy the fragrance and the tsate of the food and favorite drink laid out on the table!What do you think?:)

I think that it is


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We live in the country and get no ghoulies, so we do nothing for Halloween :o)

Jeannette said...

Err, we do not have a British version of Day of the Dead. In fact, very few people celebrate Halloween over here. Some trick or treat but we never have that in our area. No, we do not decorate our homes. I know you have lots of fun over there though.

Sugar said...

hi nat, ty for coming by my journal!
we don't get trick or treaters & they don't decorate here at my son & dil's home.
when i had my own place (liv in TX in the country) i loved decorating, the church i was pastor at had a big hay ride for the kids taking them around to all the neighboring farms in their cute little costumes.
at the church we'd have games & candies, & fresh baked treats of all kinds.
we called in harvest night.
it was enjoyed by all. :)
when i moved here, i would volunteer at a church halloween, but now that i'm homebound...i just watch tv & eat popcorn.

sober white women said...

I hate tht day. I have to round up my black cats...I have 3. The dogs bark all night long.... I just hate it.

This year I am turning out my light and I am not even passing out candy! LOl I am such a witch. But if the broom fits.... fly it!

I Have Tea said...

Well, i'm dressing up as a bargain hunter on Friday (which is also pay day) and hitting the grocery store!

we live so far out in the country...never had a trick or treater in all the years we've been here, but I do plan to do up a halloween bag for my grandson, Mason.

erarein63 said...

We usually go up to the church for the carnival. What we are doing this year. De ;)

Bill said...

Nat, Libby decorated the courtyard and will sit out this evening and pass out treats to the kids. I expect it will be fun to see the kids dressed up, especially the real little ones. My Regards, Bill.